On learning spaces. Insights into relationship between learning processes and space in the context of educational leadership.

Marcin Jewdokimow, Faculty of Humanities, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw
The aim of the article is to reflect on the relevance of space in educational, including learning, processes. From the perspective of educational leadership, so strongly focused on learning processes and their effectiveness, it seems to be a vital reflection. Relationship between learning processes and space gradually draws attention of scholars from different disciplines. This attention is being generated by new trends in space design, flow of funds for infrastructure modernization and, within social science and humanities, a spatial turn. However, the very nature of the relationship is still under discussion and depending on a perspective is being understood differently. For instance, it is not clear how redesigning of educational institutions affects learning and social relations within these very institutions and how to study this influence. The article is divided into two parts: the part one focuses on theoretical issues related to the problem under scrutiny, the part two depicts and discusses methodological problems connected to studying impact of space on educational and learning processes, and its relevance for educational leadership in terms of influence, vision and values.

Keywords: learning spaces, education, spatial turn


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