Organizational commitment among teachers. Opportunity and tasks for educational leaders.

Grażyna Bartkowiak, University of Economics, Poznań, Poland
The elaboration describes the issue of the organizational commitment of teachers in respect to three components of such commitment: affective, permanent and normative. Its aim is to answer the following questions: What is the level of organizational commitment among teachers in terms of three components that are mentioned above, and is more advanced seniority of teachers a factor accompanied by a higher level of organizational commitment. The application aim of this article is to formulate tasks for an educational leader, as an effect of recognizing the level of organizational commitment of a team of teachers managed by them. The article consists of parts: theoretical, in which the author discusses the issue of identification with profession, organizational identification as factors co-occurring with or contributing to the emergence of attachment to an organization, and then components of such an attachment, as well as empirical presentation of results of own research carried out among 276 teachers with different levels of seniority. As a result of their implementation it turned out that among respondents affective factor shapes commitment to the greatest extent, allowing teachers to pursue their professional goals and values, and that organizational commitment develops together with seniority. The final part of the article is devoted to postulates addressed to educational leaders which are presented to head teachers working with a team of teachers, which inspire reflection and at the same time indicate the direction of feasible actions.

Keywords: organizational commitment among teachers, educational leadership


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