School as an answer for the blanks in the student's development – the invitation to redefine the core values in education.

Maria Słuszko-Ciapińska, Jagiellonian University, Poland
The aim of this article is to return to the roots of education and redefine its’ core values. Based on Fielding’s theories and Dorczak articles I’m strongly convinced that today’s apparent success of Polish educational system in fact somehow is not the best opportunity  for full and deep student’s development. There is strong need to return to the primary ideas of education and to redefine the values which became the basis of today’s education. In my article the path for this reflection pursues through the Fielding’s theory, which distinguish two different ways of thinking about education. One, in which the basis of education are strongly grounded on market perspective called High Performance Schooling, and another called Person Centered Education, which - in contrast to a market-led perspective- could lead us to the democratic fellowship, fulfilling life  and finally to the better world. I compared the theoretical part of my article with the Polish school reality through the short research.  In the final results of my work I proved that there is absolutely no need for complete resignation from one of mentioned perspective. In the same time we can’t skip any of them as well. However --we should be particularly careful with glorifying High Performance Schooling –the situation which takes place in today’s educational reality. There is great need for finding proper balance between both of these perspectives. What is more, taking both of them into account, simultaneously not forgetting about core values and primary ideas of education, probably we can multiply educational success in many diversities surfaces, what is proven in my article.

Keywords: education, development, values in education, students


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