Teachers' perceptions of the principals

Wiesław Poleszak and Grzegorz Kata, University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin
This study investigated the relation between personal functioning of teachers and their perceptions of the school principal. It was assumed that teachers with more constructive personal functioning have more positive perception of the principal. The relation between these two factors is described as important for the quality of principal cooperation with teachers and for the school as a learning organisation. The Adjective Check List was administered to 140 teachers from lower secondary school located in different cities. The ACL was used in three versions: "what you are like", "how you would like to be" and "what your school principal is like". Based on the results four groups of teachers with different personal functioning was distinguished. Results indicate that the more constructive teacher’s self-image, the more positive perception of principal. The main conclusion for educational leadership is that the perception of principal depends not only on the headmaster work quality, but also on the personal experience and functioning of teachers.

Keywords: educational leadership, teachers, team-building, self-image


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